Pawesome to meet you, human

Magic is a leash-trained adventure cat. He was originally rescued and fostered by the team behind Lilo, Infinity and Rosie (@LiloTheHusky) before he was adopted into his furever home by two adventure humans in Seattle, Washington, where he now lives.

Magic climbing at Mount Rainier
Climbing at Meownt Rainier

His favorite things in the world are humans, food, toys, climbing and hiking. He loves meeting new people all the time, and at home he follows us around everywhere and loves to cuddle with us (when he’s not hunting). He will do ANYTHING for food and treats (especially treats), which is how we taught him to high five and come when called.

He is super sweet when he’s cuddling with us, but when he’s hunting his toys (and sometimes us) around our home he is an unstoppable ferocious tiger! He also loves to climb everything — from his indoor cat tree to outdoor trees, meowntains and rocks — and has gone hiking, camping, kayaking and swimming in city, state and national parks.

Magic kayaking on Lake Wenatchee
Kayaking on Lake Wenatchee
Magic camping on Orcas Island
Camping on Orcas Island
Magic hiking on Whidbey Island
Hiking on Whidbey Island