First Time at Meownt Rainier

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Last July I spent a day at Mt. Rainier National Park and it was a blast! The drive over was about 2 hours long – my longest car ride yet back then! But I did great and had so much fun watching the big meowntain get bigger and bigger as we got closer to the park.

Mt. Rainier was my first U.S. national park! I’ve now been to three. A quick note about the pawesome national park system: most national parks don’t allow pets on trails. There are a few exceptions (like North Cascades National Park, also here in WA), but for the most part pets are only allowed on paved roads and in campgrounds. So when I visit national parks (Mt. Rainier included), I often do more sightseeing than hiking! My humans always research the pet rules and regulations for each national park we visit so they can plan out an itinerary that includes me 🙂

On this trip, we entered the park from the northern side (through the White River entrance) and made stops at Mt. Rainier Viewpoint, Tipsoo Lake, Reflection Lakes, Paradise and Narada Falls before exiting the park to the south (through the Nisqually entrance). We often use Google Maps to plan our route, here’s what it looked like for our Rainier trip!

Seattle to Rainier Route
Round trip route from Seattle to Rainier.

My favorite stop was definitely Reflection Lakes! There were awesome views of the big meowntain and a bunch of small to medium sized rocks that I could climb all over! And it was right next to the parking area and the paved road, so I was allowed to explore it all!

Reflection Lakes and Mount Rainier
Reflection Lakes and Mount Rainier!
Magic in front of Mount Rainier
Sniffing around the rocks in front of Reflection Lakes.
Magic and wildflowers at Mount Rainier
Frolicking around the July wildflowers in bloom 🙂
Magic at Mount Rainier
This place is soo cool!

Our last stop of the day was Narada Falls. It was so chilly even in the parking lot because of the late afternoon dropping temps, and I was shivering badly and wanted to go back to the car! But when I got back to the car, my humans put a fleece vest on me and I was so happy to be warm that I jumped back out and went back to exploring. 🙂

Magic in fleece vest
First time wearing my fleece vest!

By the end of the Mt. Rainier loop drive I was totally wiped out! I slept the whole 2-hour drive back to Seattle. I had such a fun time exploring Mt. Rainier National Park and can’t wait to go back again sometime now that I’m bigger and older! Thank you National Park Service / Mount Rainier NPS for letting me be a kitty tourist in our pawesome parks!

Mount Rainier Nisqually Entrance
Bye Meownt Rainier! See you next time!

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